The function of fresh film packaging machine

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The colorful touch screen and stable and reliable dual axis high-precision output PLC control, bag making, measurement, filling, sealing, coding and bag cutting are selected for the fresh-keeping film packaging machine.

It adopts independent separation of air control and circuit control, with low noise and stable performance.

The function of fresh film packaging machine

Double belt servo die and double servo control are selected, with less resistance, good packaging bag forming, more beautiful, high-precision positioning and accurate size. Several key points of the maintenance of the plastic film packaging machine: cleaning, fastening, adjusting, smoothing and anticorrosion. In the ordinary production process, each machine maintainer shall strictly implement all maintenance operations according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the machine packaging equipment, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate the risk of faults, and extend the service life of the machine.


                  . Check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components.

                    . It is necessary to carry out diagnosis, inspection and condition inspection on the parts that affect the use performance of the equipment and the parts with fault symptoms, so as to complete the necessary replacement, adjustment, fault cleaning and other operations.

The function of fresh film packaging machine

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