Precautions when using the strapping machine

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1. It is forbidden to test the DC motor control board and the voltage between the PLC input point and the ground.

2. Read the random frequency conversion manual carefully before operating the inverter.

3. When the strapping machine is in normal use, periodically check whether the joint parts of the machine are moving or falling off, and if necessary, tighten them.

4. It is strictly forbidden to move or remove the upper and lower fixed limit blocks.

5. The strapping machine turntable should be operated in a clockwise direction.

6. It is strictly forbidden to stand or stack any objects under the membrane system.

7. When the film system roller rotates, it is strictly prohibited to reach in or out into other objects to prevent damage to the rubber roller or fingers.

8. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the chain for maintenance or inspection during the operation, or perform other operations to prevent injury.

9. When the strapping machine is running, the operator should stand in a safe place at a certain distance from the turntable. When the machine finishes working, it should be close to the machine to prevent the goods from being injured. If necessary, a safety isolation net should be installed (bring your own or another Customized).

10. It should be grounded or connected to zero (zero ground can not be mixed) to prevent leakage damage to the machine or personnel.

11. When the strapping machine is moved away from the original position, the machine should be reinstalled and tested by a professional and determined to be safe before use.

12. Regularly check electrical and electrical connections and clean electrical cabinets.