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Zhongshan Xinxin is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of hardware equipment and equipment. Since its establishment in 2000, Xinxin Hardware Products Factory has been established for 18 years and has established Masen Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. Equipment, office clerk, packaging equipment, automation equipment research and development, production and sales of technology companies. The company is equipped with advanced punching equipment and advanced automatic production equipment.

Innovative and perfect company, specialization and automation in the field of hardware machinery, digital research and development company is the development route that Mason has always adhered to since its establishment. Today, Mason has formed a one-stop production and integrated quality control processing system.

In order to produce high-quality hardware products, incoming materials inspection is strictly in accordance with international standards for testing and testing. Each process is produced in strict accordance with production standards, providing a stable and strong guarantee for the needs of customers.

Personalized customized mode to provide users with more personal and diverse services: and multi-faceted, multi-angle cases for users' reference; has a number of patented technologies and products, and constantly improve the product development and manufacturing competitiveness, look forward to In the near future, it will go up a step.

Mason Technology pays attention to the research and development of independent product technology and independent innovation. The designer integrates artistic and practicality into product design from the perspective of humanized design.

We constantly introduce advanced production technology and equipment, production, digital, automation equipment, high production speed, and enhance product quality; technical aspects, training a number of high-tech people, developing a number of technologies; management continues to sell Company management system, realize management modernization: After-sales, the concept of customer first encourages us to follow up the different stages of the product in the after-sales service, eliminate the hidden worry for the user, and create a better user experience. Products, provide more professional services, and continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

We always adhere to the corporate philosophy of “creation, innovation and value”, adhere to the high-quality products, win the trust of consumers, and provide more personalized and caring services for the company's mission.

In the fierce market competition, Mason is headquartered in Zhongshan, Guangdong, and provides services to all parts of the country. Continuously enhance product research and development capabilities, improve production management mechanisms, and create higher value for customers.

This motto has always been the initial heart of Mason Technology: the road to Jane, the sage of Tiancheng.