What are the precautions for the use of cling film packaging machine?

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Now, with the increasing number of automation devices, their functions are much better than before. They are getting stronger and stronger, and they are more and more advanced. The plastic wrap packaging machine is one of them. , then what are the precautions for the use of plastic wrap packaging machine?
Put your food in the box and put it on the plastic wrap machine, keep it fresh
1. Prevent touches. Cover the plastic wrap on the utensils. Do not fill them to avoid food, especially foods with high fat content such as meat.
2. Grasp the temperature. Pay attention to the temperature acceptable for the plastic wrap heating, and strictly follow the temperature indicated on the brand to heat the plastic wrap.
3. Container replacement. In daily life, we can have many alternatives to replace cling film, such as ceramic or glass containers. These alternatives are safe, non-toxic and oil-resistant, which helps to ensure human health.
Packing speed: 24 trays per minute

The length of the film on different tray scales can be set freely and fully computer controlled.
Simple operation, safe and hygienic, fast and efficient
Cling film stretching function: It can reduce wrinkles of wrap film and add transparency to the appearance, so that the product looks fresh and attractive, and the use of wrap film can be reduced, and the operating cost can be saved.
The method of replacing the cling film is extremely simple, ensuring that the operator can successfully complete the replacement of the wrap film in a short period of time and reduce the working time. Planning a compact footprint.