What kind of method can fresh packaging machine use for air conditioning and fresh packaging?

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Fresh packaging machines must do the following:
First, strict disinfection.
1. When raw fresh vegetables and fruits are mixed, first wash them with water, then rinse them quickly in boiling water to prevent virus and residual pesticide poisoning; raw materials such as cooked fruits and vegetables must be washed repeatedly in clean water, in boiling water. Penetrate or cook, or fry in a frying pan. Only strict sterilization can ensure the safety of food, and it can ensure that the mixing of vegetables before the pre-packaging is qualified and safe.
2. In the processing and ripening process, the cleanliness of the processing links should be ensured as much as possible to avoid the bacterial contamination after the ripening, and the temperature should be quickly pre-cooled to a temperature of 0 to 10 degrees Celsius, and the cutting tools should be strictly applied to the cutting tools. Disinfection, as well as strict disinfection measures by operators. Try to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials before packaging and mixing is the inevitable guarantee of qualified health food.
Second, do a good job in air conditioning and fresh-keeping packaging.
1. Fresh-keeping packaging must pay attention to the air, dust and bacteria inside the packaging box or the packaging bag: generally use the residual oxygen analyzer to detect the residual oxygen to measure whether the air is excluded, and ensure that the residual oxygen is less than 0.5%. Ensure that aerobic bacteria and E. coli do not continue to multiply and grow.
2, mixing vegetables and air conditioning packaging and packaging must also accurately control the proportion of air conditioning: carbon dioxide concentration of less than 20% does not inhibit the role of anaerobic bacteria, facultative bacteria, more than 25% of carbon dioxide will dissolve in water to taste the taste of vegetables There are subtle effects.